Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paint Big or Go Home - Blooming True with Flora

I recently completed a 5 week e-course with Flora Bowley, a dynamic intuitive painter who combines her love of movement and personal introspection with a forgiving "there are no mistakes, be brave and see what happens" attitude. Flora's e-course, which includes exercises both on and off the canvas, demonstration videos, Flora's personal philosophy on creativity, and her exhortations to "bloom true" - find your own voice and express it joyfully - was a transformational experience for me, and a gift I gave myself that I will always be grateful for. I created these pieces on 36" x 36" canvas, which was daunting at first; then after I got into the thrill of working "big" I began to wish I had found a way to stuff the 48" x 48" into my car. Here are the three pieces I worked on in the 5 week period:

The piece above is still a work in progress. The one below is finished - it is called Through The Veil.

This piece is also still a work in progress, although it is almost finished. All of the paintings have a minimum of 15 layers, a technique which give them a depth and richness that I was thrilled to discover. This painting is called Paradise Found.

You can see just how big 36" x 36" is in this photo -

At the end of the 5 week course, which was attended by folks all over the world, we celebrated with a virtual communal toast. A gratifying wrap-up to a soul feeding 5 weeks. Thank you Flora!


  1. The paintings look fabulous Lesley, very joyous and full of life, I am looking forward to seeing more :)

  2. Wow Lesley the prints look great, you must be pleased.

  3. I adore your paintings and this is such a wonderful post about the process of prints. That's the next item on my to do list, so I very much appreciate your notes on your experience. You Giclee's look wonderful! Just like the originals, how exciting! I bet you just want to print up a million just to see them. (I know that's what I'd want to do!) They're going to be a smashing success, I've no doubt!