Paintings 2016/2017


I spent most of 2016 engrossed in my 100 Faces Project, so only had time for these two other pieces. Click on the link to see the entire series of paintings.

Little Drift  30 x 15

 Little Boat - NFS

See my 100 Faces Project page for my 2016 faces series:


Looks like divine intervention is the focus for 2017, with my evolving "Angelic Visitations" series. These pieces are being created on raw edged unstretched canvas. I like the informal, loose look it creates, and it is always so much fun to try something new!

(Summer update - looks like there were 7 paintings in this series, on to something new!)

 An Angel Falls From the Sky - 6' x 3'

Little Things Are Hard to See - 5' x 5'

 First Roots, Then Wings - 4' x 5'

 Go On and Make a Joyful Sound - (Lessons From My Guardians and Spirits) - 5' x 5'

 "Words of Love a Ladder to the Heavens - 3.5' x 3.5'

 Protect Me - 2' x 4'

You Are The Magical Enchantment in Your Existence - 4' x 4'

 Is it the Future Yet? - 28 x 22 acrylic on canvas

My Blue Chair - 30 x 24 acrylic on canvas

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