Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Fun Than a Barrel Full of Monkeys - March 2014 Passionate Intuitive Painting Weekend Workshop

 I love teaching workshops! Every once in a while you get a group of women that all happen to sign up for the same workshop who really click!  It is a good time for all from start to finish - lots of laughter, lots of fun, and some really amazing art as a result.

"The Sookeabours" are friends from Sooke. Celebrating two birthdays meant CAKE!

The rediscovered joys of finger painting.

Sheila photo bombing Diane on catlike feet.

Lots of dancing was going on in this corner of the room!

 What a delightful bunch to spend a couple of days creating with! Thanks to all of you for making my weekend so much fun. Let me know if you are up for a reunion in about 6 months!

Now take a look at what they created, keeping in mind that all of the paintings go through the same process of layers. It always blows my mind how differently they turn out:
Sheila's 7 painting - 7 of us, so 7 was the number of the day. Gorgeous vibrant colours and paint laid on in nice thick layers.

Diane's painting of a village makes me want to climb right up those steps.

Jessica discovered a bay with sailboats when she turned her painting.

Bev's houses, painted and etched, on a swirl of vibrant background colour.

Bev's second painting took on an Aboriginal Australian art look with her dots and circles.

Cathy experimented with areas of black as contrast to the blues and pinks.

Marjorie's paintings morphed several times, with earlier layers peeking through later imagery.

This is the painting I completed in class. A lot of birds showed up in our pieces this weekend. Out of curiosity I googled the symbolic images of birds and found this:

"Most of us see birds as a symbol of freedom, or even as symbols of the future. Their ability to soar high into the sky and their proximity with the sky makes them desirable for humans who cannot fly without substitute wings. From time immemorial, mankind has considered birds to be signs of eternal life. Many stories and folklore suggest that birds were taken as signs of renewed life, often as a transition between life and death. Many even consider them to be an idea or proposal for the future."