Sunday, August 12, 2018

Even If We All Start Out At The Same Place...

...we never, ever, finish there.

I had a delightful weekend in the company of these three lovely women in my Intuitive Painting Two Day Intensive workshop.  I experimented with something new this time around, and had all of us begin with the exact same colour palette for the first four layers, and access to exactly the same tools and mark making items.

As usual there was a wonderful mess on every table, a sure sign that creativity is brewing. Yes, that is corn. No, it's not lunch.

And as I suspected, the canvases, even with the same colour palette and tools, varied wildly from person to person by the fourth layer.

  (Sometimes you gotta get down when creating!)

 Birds and hearts paved the way for houses and bicycles

Sometimes fish show up, and you just have to deal with it!

On day two we all worked hard, finessing the last minute touches on our paintings (plural for my students, singular for me - I never even touched my second canvas, so lost was I in my chicken/man creature.)

And here I would like to point out that with my demo painting, what appears on the canvas at the end of day one is a far cry from the end result of day two.  My angelic shapes ultimately morphed into a winged chicken, quelle surprise!

The one thing that brings me such pleasure above just about all else is the unique, personal stamp each student brings to their work.  No matter if they are rusty, blocked, or new to painting, they have their own way of moving the paint about on the canvas, their own choices, their own shapes and images that they gravitate to, their own indelible style.

By the end of the second day, seven individual creative works were completed. Along the way we laughed, sang, ate chocolate, told stories, and generally made merry.  One painting is rumoured to have been sold before the class was over!

Well done ladies, you should be proud of your work, and thanks for the laughs and song!