Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Concept of The Salon

I have been fascinated by the concept of The Salon for over 20 years, and at one time dreamed of calling my future studio "The Salon", but I was told by friends that people would think it was a hair salon. The idea of women gathering together (and here I have to apologize to my wonderful men friends, but in my dream it was always a gathering of women that I envisioned) to discuss ideas, share knowledge, support each other, and hopefully come away from it feeling enriched in some way has a huge appeal for me. I loathe small talk - there is nothing I like better than a deep and meaningful exchange with another person, no matter what the subject. Some of my most satisfying moments in Tangerine Dream Gallery came from such exchanges with people, and I was often amazed and moved by how real and honest people are willing to get, how deeply they will go into what really matters to them - with a complete stranger - if that stranger is willing to go there too. Thrilling!

I am offering a three hour session Fridays from 4 - 7 pm called "The Salon",  where women can come together to discuss books, art, relationships, personal epiphanies - really whatever subject comes up - while creating mixed media projects such as art journaling, altered books, personal art cards and other small mixed media projects. There will be nibbles and refreshments on offer as well.


778 676-2346