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Art Social 

Express your creative spirit in a relaxed, fun, social setting!

Art Social is a new, open ended drop in session at Lesley Fountain Studio. Beginning November 2nd you can drop in to the studio at any time between 12 - 8 pm on Fridays, and stay as long as you want. Most projects take about two hours, so please arrive by 6 pm at the latest.

This is a no instruction session rather than a workshop. It is a time for you to create from your own imagination and vision, however, guidance and personal attention is always offered if needed!

Included in the workshop price are all materials and supplies for either a 12” x 12” painting or various sizes of artist board for a collage project. I have loads of reference materials and samples on hand to jump start your creative juices.

Come by yourself or with a friend or group, and feel free to bring beverages and munchies of your choice! Tea and chocolate are provided.

Reservations for Art Social sessions are recommended but not required for single walk ins, groups please reserve your space.

If you plan to attend towards the end of the session, please arrive prior to 6 pm.  

30.00 per person.


Around The World In Collage 

What if you could roll all of your favourite destinations into one wonderful place on earth?  Create a fabulous travel - inspired collage that melds elements from many of your favourite destinations into an end result that is pure fantasy!

SPRING 2019 dates/location TBA
 85.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Affirmation Minis

What do you want to welcome into your life?  Love?  Creativity? Travel?  These 3" x 3" "affirmation minis" are small enough to be tucked just about anywhere - a tiny daily reminder to create more of what you desire!

SPRING 2019 Dates/Location TBA 65.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Little Dreamers Vision Board Minis

Many people are aware that creating a vision board or dream board can help you to focus your attention on what you desire, often bringing that desire from wish to reality.  Creating a vision board is an intuitive process - choosing images that we are attracted to without questioning or analyzing why often yields surprising results!  Completed vision boards, however, often end up in a closet or under a bed because they are too large to display.  Enter the Little Dreamers!  After creating our vision boards, we will carefully divide them into accordion folded mini boards, perfect for displaying on a shelf or windowsill as a daily reminder of our ability to manifest our desires!

SPRING 2019 Dates/Location TBA
 65.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Inspiration Blocks 

Chunky wood blocks reclaimed from the lumber scrap heap are transformed with collage and mixed media techniques into sturdy and cool little blocks of inspiration!

SPRING 2019 Dates/Location TBA
 65.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Introduction to Intuitive Painting 
Two Day Intuitive Painting Intensive

(Transform - 24 x 24 acrylic on canvas)

Some call it intuitive painting, some call it process painting, some call it expressive or spontaneous painting.  Essentially, they all mean the same thing - meeting the canvas with no expectation of what the final outcome will be.  Painting without getting attached, letting the brushes or fingers or other mark making tools have free rein, and observing what unfolds.

This process produces surprising results, as your subconscious mind takes over from your conscious mind, often times revealing hidden parts of yourself to you. The sheer bliss of moving the colour on the canvas is incredibly liberating.

Join me for the one day introduction or two day intensive workshops and explore the delightful and liberating process of intuitive painting.  Allow your inner creative guide to lead, and marvel at what appears on the canvas.  Using a multi-layered approach that incorporates acrylic paints, collage, stenciling and mark making, you will discover your own unique style while creating artwork that has personal meaning for you.  This process is incredibly exhilarating and my favorite way to paint!"

 Saturday April 6th, 10 am - 4 pm
140.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Two Day Intensive 
SPRING 2019 Dates/Location TBA
10 am - 4 pm
 250.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

 Xmas Affirmation Minis (2 dates)

What do you want to welcome into your life for the coming year? Love?  Creativity?  Travel?  These 3" x 3" "affirmation minis" are small enough to be tucked just about anywhere - a tiny daily reminder as you head into a brand new year to create more of what you desire!

Spring Dates/Location TBA 65.00 includes all tools and materials
 Tea and chocolate too!

Lesley Fountain Studio
Unit #5, Pioneer Square Mall, Lower Level
Mill Bay


What I love and needed from Lesley Fountain she so effortlessly delivered.  Lesley allows people to return to a childhood place, where a person can create in a limitless, imaginative and non- judgmental fashion.  Her studio is like a dream of high quality paints and a space where a mess is encouraged and art is created by everyone!  Friends are made quickly in her studio space, and affirmation encourages aspiring artists to experiment and be free.  Music and laughter fill the space and I left feeling like I wanted more!  Lesley provides materials in her fees which is such a great way to get started.  She has taught me the value of good quality paint and even more Lesley has set me on a path of lifetime joy through creation on canvas!  Very grateful!  
- Sheila Thomas

I've taken several workshops and attended drop-in sessions with Lesley Fountain.  Creating art is such a personal experience, and to be truly experienced cannot not be approached by following a recipe.  Lesley not only welcomes her learners to experiment and try different techniques, but she celebrates the unexpected, learns along with her students, and nurtures, supports and encourages the process, not just the end result.  Generous is the word that comes to mind when I think of how willing Lesley is to share her craft, which is in equal measure the craft of artistry,  and of teaching. 
 - Lisa Read

Lesley Fountain is an amazingly talented person.  Aside from that, she has a wonderful, joyful, personality.  I discovered this after taking a course in Passionate Intuitive Painting that she gave.  I had not painted since the 1960's and decided to take this course.  WELL, unbelievable how she inspired me! I now paint almost every day, I've painted over 100 paintings since I took that course over a year ago.  Can you imagine if she inspires everyone like that!  WOW!  I encourage anyone to take the course, even if you have never painted before.  You will be amazed, you will be relaxed, and happy with yourself! And she has herbal tea and chocolate!
- Bev Robinson

  I have participated in several workshops with Lesley - drop in, one day, as well as multi day - and she never disappoints!  It is so rewarding to arrive at a workshop with no plan or "vision" and come away with a piece of art that is personal, unique and soul satisfying.  Chocolate and tea are an added delight, as is Lesley's insight and good humour.  Do yourself a favour and make the time to connect with your inner artist!
- Heather Craib

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